29 decembrie 2020

EDITORIAL ” So far, So close ”

When the SKY is looked at, whether night or day, a feeling longing floods the body, almost unavoidably. The eyes witness the sky, we know it is there , but it is so untouchable , so out of reach. Of course we have been up there in planes, seen the Hubble images, measured the light year distance in between; but on a viable level the SKY is still vaguely ”up there ”. The more we try to understand , even more it becomes unknown. It”s ambivalence acts as signifier of something simultaneously  so far and so close, proportionately equal to its ambiguity and mystery.

Thus SKY can become an admission of a personal illusion , and perhaps points to our hidden desires. Or maybe at  least , to some sort of wishful thinking. It could be said that our head has a sky of itsown, and images are translating the psychological physics inside, to the external space.

The story of ” So far, So close” is about befriending our ether”s phantoms , which have visible bodies, and adorning them with pieces of jewellery, resembling to artifacts from an otherworldy dimension.It imagines the stars pulsing, just like our heartbeats, making us want to try and reach out, to what would look like, as almost the impossible.


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